Quordle 132 answers for June 6, 2022: Today’s Quordle challenge is an easy one to crack. Just concentrate and check the Quordle hints, clues here.

Quordle 132 answers for June 6, 2022: To lower the pressure of the first day of the week, for a change, Quordle is throwing an easy challenge for players today. All the four words are commonly known and used in our day-to-day life. The words also consist of simple letters that are easy to guess. But wait, don’t get too excited and at the same time overconfident of cracking it! You need to be calm, composed and focused in order to get the answers in least attempt. You must remember that you only have 9 chances to get all the 4 five letter words. In order to give your thoughts a clear direction and to help you crack the Quordle 132 answers quickly, we have listed a few Quordle hints and clues here. Check them out now.

Quordle 132 hints for June 6

No matter how much simple and easy the 5 letter word gets, without proper clues and hints it is a tough task to get to the solution. However, there is no need for you to worry as we are here with a set of Quordle 132 hints to get you to solve today’s word puzzle. Have a look.

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Quordle 132 hints for June 6

The four words start with the letters – L, U, P, and F.

Word 1 clue: What do you do when the TV’s volume is too high.

Word 2 clue: The word can be used to describe a group of people.

Word 3 clue: This is what you do every time you achieve something.

Word 4 clue: Excessive rain can lead to this.

BONUS Clue: The 1st, 2nd and 4th word contains ‘O’ while the 3rd word has only one vowel- ‘A’.

Here you go! We hope we have helped you in getting the answer for today’s Quordle challenge. However, if it is still difficult to figure out the answers check them out below.

Quordle 132 answers for June 6

WAIT! Take a pause and think. Do you really want to know the Quordle 132 answer and do not want to solve it yourself? Well if your answer is yes, you can keep on reading. However, if you want to solve the word challenge yourself, this is not the space you should be reading.

Think again, if you do not want to spoil your game by knowing Quordle 132 answers.

The answers for Quordle 132 are:





And today’s Quordle 132 challenge has been solved! Congratulations as you win the game. All the best for the Quordle 133 challenge and you can come back to HT Tech to know the hints, clues and solution for the same.


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