Dubai Lottery Rules And Regulations For Residents And Foreigners

Dubai Lottery Rules And Regulations For Residents And Foreigners


Dubai lottery is a popular way of earning money in the UAE and is managed by United Arab Emirates government and it based on buying tickets to participate in lottery and then add lucky draw will happen where a winner will get the described amount. We will discuss all things about Dubai lottery here and will also describe the rules and regulations of Dubai lottery far residents of Dubai and foreigners are tourists visit Dubai.


People ask many questions about Dubai lottery regarding it’s rules and best Dubai lottery companies we will answer these questions hear and also give the rules of each company that how much a ticket costs to participate in Dubai lottery.


Range Of Dubai Lottery.

Dubai lottery has a huge fan base as it pays much money for participating in a lucky draw and Peter ranges from 1 million dirhams to 25 million dirhams which is a very large amount for Asian people are residence of Dubai their for the participate in the lottery and if luck does favor them, they get huge prizes which can make their life.




How Much Does Dubai Lottery Cost?


In most cases Dubai lottery is a duty free platform to participate for residence and it happens in many cases twice a month and you will have to buy a ticket to participate and we will describe here that from where you can get tickets to participate in Dubai lottery but one ticket can be bought for almost 50 dirhams which are approximately equal to 14 USD.


How Dubai Lottery System Works?


Dubai lottery system is operated by UAE government and two participate in Dubai lottery duty free program you must have a valid UAE ID card and it helds multiple Times in a month and if we talk about its program then each ticket is consists of four separate numbers which are marked or highlighted and these numbers are useful when you will participate in a lucky draw or lucky draw will happen.


At the time of lucky draw, several number of balls on which different numbers are printed are thrown in a basket and then 4 of them are chosen to get the lucky winner in Dubai lottery. If four numbers matches with the ticket of a particular person then he will get the amount which is already describe in lottery rules and the amount which person will get is also dependent on the cost of ticket which he has bought.


Different Dubai lottery companies or websites hold different kinds of Lucky draws and different cash prices are given to Lucky winners so different companies work for Dubai lottery and we will make you aware of these companies under here in this article.


Which Dubai Lottery Is Best?


Five companies are described for Dubai lottery from where you can get tickets and participate in Dubai lottery lucky draw these companies are following;


  1. Emirates Draw.

It is a duty free Dubai lottery which is operated by Emirates government and its draw also happens twice a month and minimum cost for a ticket is 500 dirhams which is equal to approximately 140 USD and you can get rewards from 1 million dirhams up to 25 million dirhams which is never bad thing.


  1. Little Draw.

It’s tickets costs up to 50 dirhams and rewards will also in less amount and people of less income will choose little draw to participate in Dubai lottery.


  1. Mehzooz.

It’s lucky draws happen on daily and weekly basis and also has a grand lottery which can make you get 20000 dirhams to 1 million dirhams it means if you are luck favours you then you can get this amount on daily basis and ticket cost will be up to 500 to 1000 dirhams.


  1. The Dubai Lottery.

It has its unique rules because it’s lucky draws will pay you cash and some other things like cars, jewellery , electronics and other luxury items. Cash prices are also given but other things are prices are described on ticket and it depends upon you that in which dry you want to participate and you will get prizes accordingly.


  1. Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire.

It is also operated by official Dubai government and all proceedings are duty free and other private Dubai lottery platforms can make you paid duty on the price which you will get but official companies which are operated by government of Dubai they will not make you pay any kind of duty on prizes.


How To Get Tickets For Dubai Lottery?


Dubai lottery tickets can be gotten from different sources which are described below.


  • Online. You can visit official UAE Lotto website for buying tickets to participate in Dubai lottery and tickets of every cost are available and you can buy these tickets according to your interest.


  • Other way to fire tickets is by visiting Dubai Duty Free offices are retail shops which are available on Dubai international airports.


  • Lottery stores can also be visited for buying tickets for Dubai lottery and these lottery stores are available in nearby grocery stores found in Dubai and no matter on which location you are.


Dubai Lottery For Foreigners

Foreigners can also participate in Dubai lottery but in different ways because international rules for Dubai laboratory are different and they have to visit our trusted website to buy tickets by remaining in their country. After getting tickets they are automatically entered in Dubai lottery and they will have to visit international Dubai lottery website for getting these tickets and once a lucky draw will happen there amount will be added to their account but duty or tax will be added on this amount as the amount will go in another country.


If foreigners are residents in Dubai than they can also participate in Dubai lottery through a person who has official identity card of Dubai and then get prices through him which means that they will act like they have done all for this lucky draw.


Dubai Lottery For Tourists.


Tourists can also participate in Dubai lottery and for tourists rules are different and they will get tickets and participate in lottery and get prices accordingly but the amount they have won will be carried with them by paying duty on this amount but it’s never will be a hesitation for them.

If tourist The have a known person in Dubai then they can participate in lucky draw through him and get prices through him.



Dubai lottery is quite a remarkable think for Dubai residence as they get millions of dirhams in the form of Lucky draws but any kind of gambling are other dishonest activities are not allowed because it happens in a free and fair manner with no support to a particular person and winner will be announced before every person.


So if you want to participate in Dubai lottery than follow the rules about and get a chance to win Big prices but people in other countries will have to pay much to buy tickets and if lucky draw hasn’t contain their name then there ticket will be wasted. So for a millionaire person the amount will not to big for buying tickets and they can make more money by buying more tickets.

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