Apple WWDC 2022 Keynote Livestream Updates: The Keynote session of the Apple event which is likely to announce iOS 16 and MacBook Air is just a few hours away. Find out where and how to watch Apple WWDC 2022 live online.

Apple WWDC 2022 Keynote Livestream Updates: The excitement around the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is building up. In just a few hours from now, it will finally be revealed whether we will see iOS 16, MacBook Air and other predictions around the event or not. In particular, iOS 16 is something many are looking forward to, and given that the Apple WWDC 2022 caters to software, it is likely that we will get a sneak peak at what the next generation of iPhone operating system will look like. And all of it will be revealed at the Keynote session scheduled for 10:30 PM IST tonight, June 6. So, if you are just as excited about the Apple event, then find out where and how to watch Apple WWDC 2022 live online.

How to watch the WWDC 2022 Live Stream

The WWDC is aimed at developers who build applications for the Apple platforms. Apple takes these 5 days to discuss various changes it has planned to the platform so the developers can be on-board with it and be prepared. However, the opening keynote session is for the general public. Apple announces software updates as well as new hardware launches. So, this is arguably the most important part of the entire event. If you have been wondering how to watch it, there are multiple ways. We have listed them all below and you can pick the one most convenient for you.

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Watch the Keynote session on YouTube

This is the easiest way to watch the WWDC 2022 keynote session. All you have to do is to go to YouTube and search for Apple’s channel. On the main page of the channel, you will be able to see a video titled “WWDC 2022 – June 6 | Apple”. Just click on it and start watching. Do note, the event is scheduled for June 6 at 10 AM PDT (10:30 PM IST). So, make sure to save the date and time. Alternatively, just click on this link and watch the live stream.

Watch WWDC 2022 Live Stream on Mac, iPhone or iPad

As long as you are using an iPhone with iOS 10 or later and a Mac device with macOS Sierra 10.12 or later, you can access the live stream of the keynote session using Safari or any other browser. Just click on this link and watch the stream.

How to watch the Keynote session using the Apple TV app

You can also watch the event using the Apple TV app on Mac, ‌iPhone‌, ‌iPad‌, and Apple TV. Simply open the Apple TV app on your desired device, scroll down the Watch Now category and select WWDC 2022. Alternatively, you can also search for WWDC and find it that way.

Watch the WWDC 2022 Live Stream on Windows PC

Even if you do not own an Apple device, you can watch the event on your Windows computer. As long as you have Windows 10, you can open Microsoft Edge browser and click on this link to access the event. Apple does not claim that the event will be accessible through other browsers, however, the most recent version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox should also work.


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