Corpse Husband Is The Latest Story Meme

Corpse Husband Is The Latest Story Meme

While 2019 may have kicked off a record-breaking year in meme culture (with some meme types having crossed borders and being shared worldwide), this doesn’t mean memes themselves are brand new. In fact, they’ve existed for thousands of years. They were first used for entertainment, and today, they’re used to share important information and antagonize enemies.

corpse husband face leaked
corpse husband’s face leaked

Corpse Husband, the meme phenomenon that went viral in 2019, is a combination of two memes, the “I Love You” meme and the “Corpse Bride” meme, which combined in 2019 to create a whole new, incredibly important meme. While memes have been around for a while, Corpse Husband and this combination of memes are the newest and hottest meme phenomena of the year.

Corpse Husband originated as a Tumblr account in 2016, created by user “Corpse Wife,” who shared “I Love You” memes that implied she was in love with her husband

There are thousands of memes out there, but Corpse Husband is emerging as a contender. The tone of the meme is dark, but Corpse Husband is also effectively funny. The meme, which first emerged in February, has racked up more than 13 million views on YouTube and over 23 million likes on Facebook.

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